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Redheads To Hot Handle

Well here it is the Weekend again. So we decided to pick a Redhead for our Weekend Hottie
Not just one sexy redhead but ten redheads  for you to get all hot and drool over.

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Ten super sexy hot Thursday girls

girly-mini skirt-670x681-jpeg
Thursday Black And White Hottie Shots… Okay designers it about time you bring back the mini skirt in a big and bold way…Lots of women have great legs …We think they should always show them off…Think of it as  public service…

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Hottie Pick For June 28th Erin Heatherton

Hottie Erin Heatherton Our Weekend Sexy Hottie Choice



Weekend Hottie Time again…and the choice for June 28th is Erin Heatherton American fashion model and actress. She is best known for her work for lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret. I’m sure you can see why Sexy Erin is our choice…great hot legs, blonde hair, perfect lips and sexy

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