About Time

Blonde Mélange

It’s no secret that I adore movies. Funny movies, sad movies, documentaries…I love them all. Well, except horror movies (I get nightmares for weeks…). In the romantic comedy genre, Rachel McAdams is my go-to leading lady. She stars in a few of my all time favorite tear jerkers: The Notebook, The Family Stone, and About Time. I feel like she’s one of those women all guys want to be with, and all girls want to be best friends with. Clearly, a serious #girlcrush of mine!

About Time holds a special place in my heart because it’s the first (and only- so far) flick that I’ve seen alone. That’s right. I went to the movies alone. And I am NOT someone who enjoys being independent! When I am, it’s usually because I’m forced into it somehow. But this day, I wasn’t. Rewind to last year. I was out…

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